Titanium Knights Episode 3: Next page in progress.
3500AD: Temporarily on hold as I work on Titanium Knights Episode 3.
Monday, 11 December 2006

Here is where you will find different comics pages. Complete comic issues will appear in coming months.

Titanium Knights Episode 3Titanium Knights Episode III - The Solar Accelerator. Three super soldiers race against time to disable an alien superweapon that will destroy Earth's sun.

Titanium Knights Episode 3 - Latest Update

Titanium Knights Character Profiles

Old Titanium Knights Comic

Here is the first remade page of the Titanium Knights comic. I originally had 2-3 pages, but all the original artwork was stolen. I created this page some years after the loss. The art is similar to the original, major changes include a female officer instead of a helmeted officer, and one officer at the controls instead of three, and the shape of the screen was originally rectangular. Enjoy!

AntiBalls Force Character Profiles

Story: Long Range's Punishment

Old AB Force Comic

2nd Issue of High School Comic

This is a comic I made in high school. The main characters here are Indestructo and Super Sword. (Yes, a sentient, flying, talking sword!) It is the second installment in a 4 part series. Unfortunately, they were all stolen, and I only have copies of parts 2 and 3. Part 3 will be coming soon, enjoy!

This comic series is offically titled "The Adventures of Indestructo, Super Sword, The Ninja, Wrestler, Fat Guys, and Bums". There is also a shorter official title - "Corny Comics Crusade".

3rd Issue of High School Comic

Well, here it is, as promised - the third - and last surviving -  installment of my High School comic. I made these for my school paper, which was a cool project to work on. More art is on the way, including concept art for the Titanium Knights comics. Enjoy!

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