Titanium Knights Character Profiles
Wednesday, 26 August 2009
The Titanium Knights
Titanium Knights Logo The Titanium Knights are Earth’s elite starfighter pilot squad, currently consisting of three members. These ace pilots have a long history of defending Earth from alien threats, risking life and limb to save humanity from outright destruction.

Steve Titan
Steve Titan is the current squad leader of the Titanium Knights, but not by his choice. Although highly skilled as a starfighter pilot, he makes mistakes in leadership and has a hard time forgiving himself for those mistakes. He therefore leads in a very open and humble manner, always considering the input and advice of his teammates, whom he holds in very high regard. Unbeknownst to Steve, this actually makes him the best choice for squad leader, regardless of his perception of his leadership skills. In his spare time, he writes, paints, tinkers with technology, and practices martial arts.

Ace Warr
Ace Warr is the second member of the Titanium Knights. Ace is the most skilled pilot of the group, and he knows it. However, his enormous talent has gone to his head somewhat – for example, he changed his first name to “Ace” due to the fact that he's an ace pilot. He was very disappointed when Steve Titan was chosen to be squad leader – but instead of becoming angry, he decided to get to know Steve better, and learn from him. They are now great friends. In his spare time, he pilots his starfighter, studies military strategy, and researches medical technology.

Rob Taurus
Rob Taurus is the third member of the Titanium Knights. Although his piloting skills are not as strong as Ace’s or Steve’s, his superior intellect makes him invaluable to the team. At first, he and Ace didn’t get along, but after becoming close friends with Steve, both Rob and Ace decided to work together to sort out their differences. They are now close friends as well, and let off any steam by sparring in the martial arts ring. In his spare time, Rob solves complex mathematical equations, cracks encryption schemes, lifts weights, and enjoys gourmet cooking.

Rachel Steele
Rachel Steele oversees Lightning Forces starfighter operations, and directly commands the Titanium Knights. She currently holds military rank of Wing Admiral. She is a strong, determined, dedicated leader, and cares deeply for the pilots under her command. She is also an excellent starfighter pilot herself. In her spare time, she reads, practices tai chi, and performs mechanical work on starfighters.

Michael Jacobs
Michael Jacobs is the current commander of the Lightning Forces organization, which effectively makes him the most powerful man on Earth. The commander works closely with heads of civilian government and leaders of Earth’s alien allies. Also directly oversees Lightning Forces fleet operations. He holds military rank of Fleet Admiral. He maintains many close friendships with key officials of alien governments. In his spare time he studies Earth history, confers with alien diplomats, and practices astronomy.

Lightning Forces
Lightning Forces Logo The Lightning Forces are the core of Earth’s military power. They work tirelessly to ensure the survival and wellbeing of humanity, and of Earth. The Lightning Forces have a very long history of protecting and enforcing the ideals of freedom, justice, equality, and fairness for all. They are the primary reason for the virtually utopian society humanity currently enjoys.
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