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Sunday, 10 December 2006

Here is some miscellaneous art - including Titanium Knights concept art.


This is one of my Titanium Knights characters, Rachel Steele. She is an officer in the Lightning Forces (more on the LF later), and works directly with the Titanium Knights. She is often the one who is assigning them missions passed to her from her superiors, and  often works with them on their missions.

One of my unfinished works depicting a dwarf and a sorceress on a battlefield.

A Lightning Forces Star Destroyer (Like a Space Fighter or Star Fighter). The same kind used by the Titanium Knights.

An unfinished battle scene - Smash of the Titanium Knights singlehandedly frees a planet from the reign of an oppressive, tyrannical government. Here he is seen killing one of the government agents in a bloody firefight. Score one for freedom!

An unfinished work of a female Elf warrior. This was inspired by the main character in the Sega CD game "Popful Mail", which to this day is still one of my all time favorites.

Unfinished work of a super-powered woman. Maybe I'll finish her someday.

One of my few colored works - a Lightning Forces Starship.

One of the Titanium Knights - Ninjato, in his powered up state. Yes, I know the proportions are off, but it is still a cool pic. One of my friends actually said that this is my best picture ever. But I don't agree.

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