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  Link   Illmosis

Another comic book site like this one, but has been around longer, with much more content. Cool characters and great artwork! Also - home of Nutroll!
  Link Moonless Age

Online comic site featuring the Drow, who are descendants of Dark Elves. Great art and storytelling!
  Link   SinFest

Sinfest: The Webcomic To End all Webcomics by Tatsuya Ishida
  Link   The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

He's a ninja. He's also a doctor. Put them together and you have outrageously hilarious action packed adventures!
  Link   Kiwi Blitz

Colorfully drawn web comic with great characters and a compelling storyline. If you like anime style mecha, this comic is for you!
  Link   Outsider

An original full-color science fiction webcomic. I hope my work will eventually hold a candle to this.
  Link   Turbo Defiant Kimecan

Awesome webcomic. Don't take my word for it, check it yourself.
  Link   Zap!

I love this webcomic. I think Zap is one of my distant relatives...
  Link   Las Lindas

Another of my favorite webcomics. Beautifully drawn.
  Link   Questionable Content

I am not usually into "slice of life" web comics, but this one is pretty good. It has got me hooked.
  Link   Candi - A College Story

I've laughed quite a bit reading this, and now I'm thinking Candi might be related to me. lol
  Link   Power Nap

In a world where none but a few sleep anymore, and their dreams start becoming reality, and the government covers up those surreal events - that is Power Nap!
  Link   Carzorthade

Just another webcomic I enjoy. One that makes me laugh my backside off! Great laughs.
  Link   F.A.R.T.S. - Factual Authentic Real True Stories

Funny comic based on events from real life events!
  Link   1/0

1/0 is illogical. 1/0 is irrational. 1/0 is impossible. 1/0 is transcendentally unfair. 1/0 is true. Deal with it.
  Link   Bitey Castle

Home of the Bitey Castle series of award-winning Flash animated movies. Hilarious animations!

This is my cousin Roy's website. He is a talented producer, director, and editor in the film industry. Check him out!
  Link   No Need For Bushido

Samurai Action!
  Link   Homepage of Chris DuBrock, Composer

Chris DuBrock is a very talented composer. I had the great pleasure of hearing his work when I worked on the Audio and Video sections of his website.
  Link   OverClocked ReMix

I love video game music. If you do as well, check this place out. You won't be disappointed.
  Link   Digital Blasphemy

Awesome 3D Wallpaper Site! I have a good amount of their free wallpapers rotating on my desktop.
  Link   The Brick Rocket Network!!!

What is the Brick Rocket Network? Sorry, that's top secret right now. So don't ask what S.A.R.C. stands for either. If you really want to know, you'll just have to stay tuned!

Personal Development for Smart People - this site contains so much valuable information for self improvement.
  Link   AnandTech Forums

My favorite online forum. I used to be quite active there in years past, now I am pretty much just a lurker.

My Unfinished IT Consulting Site... It's development is in progress - slowly. When it is completed, it won't be a consulting site, but rather an all-around technology information site. Update: now humbly points to my online resume and IT consulting page. Any IT related articles will be found in my blog's technology section, here. The forums have been removed as well, since the only users were myself and a few spammers. If anyone was a fan of, (Yeah, right! LOL) I thank you for your support.
  Link   Metroprise

Metroprise is my friend Craig's technology consulting company. Craig has been working with technology since waaaaay back, even before I got involved in IT. I highly recommend him.
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