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3500AD - Part 7 Preview
Wednesday, 17 April 2013
Part 7 Preview

Editor's Note: This is a preview of 3500AD Chapter 7 and is subject to future corrections and/or changes. With that in mind, enjoy!

Dr. Walcott and Dr. Sar prepare to liberate the colonies on the moons of Saturn.

There have been unusual readings in the scans of the area of Saturn. The Walcott and Sar are charging in at top speed when suddenly,

Crash! Crash!

Both ships were knocked out of lightspeed by a pair of unidentified objects! The shock was so sudden that almost everyone was knocked to the deck!

Dr. Walcott stumbled to his feet after flying from his captain’s chair. “What the hell was that?!? Report!” He yelled.

“Sir, we were hit by something… scanning now.” replied the science officer.

“What could hit us while travelling at many times the speed of light?”

“Dr. Walcott!” the tactical officer shouted. “Our shields are at… 53%!” His face was pale with fear.

“How can this be? What could possibly have hit us with that much force? And physical force at that!”

An image of a bruised Dr. Sar appeared on the comms panel screen. He was unusually calm given the situation. “Adrian, my shields are at 55% after that impact…”

“Hold on Robert! We’re analyzing it now…”

“You’re not going to believe this sir. The scan has detected traces of what could only be…uhhhh…

“Well spit it out now!”

To be continued...
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