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Titanium Knights Episode III Updated
Saturday, 30 October 2010

Titanium Knights Episode III has been updated. (It's about time, I know.) It's been a long summer, but I enjoyed it. I got lots of extra work. Now that fall is here, and things at work are slowing down a bit, I have had more time to work on Titanium Knights Episode 3. I finally got the "Comic Engine" interface set up so the comic is easier to read. I'll probably still have to do some more tweaking depending on the feedback I receive.

I decided to put Titanium Knights Episode 3 directly on the Comics page for easier access to readers. It can still be found in its original location here as well, for those who actually enjoy drilling down through menus.

As a bonus, all the comic pages have been redone. I added a title page, and improved the intro story. I'm much happier with the improvements. I'm actually working on the next two pages now, and hopefully they'll be done soon.

Thanks for reading. Everyone have a great Halloween!

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